QPlex lens fiber optic connectors

QPlex lens fiber optic connectors: design for harsh enviroments

QPC‘s QPlex lens fiber optic connectors are 2- to 24-channel connectors based on QMicro connector inserts in their design. They have all the advantages of existing QMicro connectors in a larger and more robust design. To achieve a higher number of channels, Generally lens connectors are designed for harsh environments, using non-contacting fiber ends that are coated with a ball lens with anti-reflective coating. The lens expands the beam to which disperses it into a parallel beam of much larger diameter facilitating optical alignment and minimizing the effects of dust, dirt, vibration and other adverse conditions. During use, the lens surfaces do not make physical contact, so the QPlex connector has a lifespan of more than 3,000 bonding cycles, thus providing a long-life solution.
QPlex connectors are used in the oil and gas, mining,, marine, radio, medical, military, aerospace and defense industries for audio/video communication applications.

Connector parameters:

  • threaded connection system from 2 to 24 channels
  • Plug connectors: connection arrangements: three, four and six connection positions with straight backshells
  • panel connectors three, four and six connection positions, backshell or flange mounting, with or without backshells
  • cable with outside diameter up to 11.5 mm for QPlex3/QPlex4
  • cable with outside diameter up to 17.5 mm for QPlex6 – sealed to IP68

The connector is also available in passivated stainless steel in cases where it is required in extremely harsh environmental conditions.


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