Fiber Optic Closure FOBP-M

  • Capacity up to 288 fibers,
  • Leakproofness of mechanic and thermic ports,
  • Possibility of placing single line cables,
  • Possibility of placing uncut cables,
  • Aerial or inside a manhole mounting,
  • Inserts for mechanical ports available in several variants,
  • Built-in organizer for fiber optic tubes,
  • Possibility of mounting Alubox splitters (1:4, 1:8 – mounted in splice tray or dedicated handle (1szt), 1:16 – mounted in dedicated handle).

Long description

Fibrain FOBP fiber optic closure is the element which is used to connect and protect the fiber optic connections in different applications. FOBP-Mx series of the closure is characterized by the hybrid construction of the base – base is equipped with thermally sealed cable entry ports and ports with mechanical seals. The fiber optic closures are specifically designed for connecting optic routes as well for branchings. Fibrain FOBP closure can be places in aerial application or wall-mounted in the manholes. FOBP thermo-mechanical closure is equipped with 2 round mechanical ports which can be equipped with inserts that multiply the number of entered cables, 4 round ports for single cable with max. diameter Ø20 mm and one oval entrance for uncat cable. Seal variants (inserts) for mechanical ports are available in several variants – with a strictly defined diameter and number of cable entries and also membrane type insert for aerial application, which allows entered cables with different diameters (max. diameter for single entered cable Ø24 mm). Depending on the size the fiber optic closure capacity is up to 144 or 288 fibers. FOBP closure can be equipped with adapters panel (9x SC SX for 144F, 18x SC SX for 288F closure). The closure can be widely used in all types of FTTx telecommunications system architecture.

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