SN Uniboot

Senko’s SN Uniboot is a revolutionary connector that allows four duplex SN connectors to be patched simultaneously in one operation. Subsequently, the SN-Uniboot offers the same degree of flexibility as an MPO 8-fiber connector but without the need for breakout cassettes or fanout cables to transition from Base-8 to Base-2. This dual functionality makes the SN Uniboot granular enough for duplex server connections, optimized for high-density trunks and the perfect match to high data rate transceivers utilising four optical lanes (8 fibers).
  • TELCO grade ceramic ferrules
  • Base-8 and Base-2 patching flexibility
  • Push-pull Boot for simple installation and removal
  • Eliminate cassettes and fanouts
  • Quadrupled density versus LC duplex
  • Supports 400G data rates with QSFP-DD and OSFP transceivers

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