SN Non-Shuttered Adapters

SENKO’s SN® non-shuttered adapters are available either as a 1-channel (2 fibers) or 4-channel variant (8 fibers). The single channel is designed for applications requiring the separation of individual optical channels such as coherent optics or wave-splitting. The 4-channel version is designed to maximize port density within patch panels, and having the same footprint size as QSFP-DD transceivers, operators can now replicate switch-ports with inter-connected patch panels on a 1:1 basis. Note: The non-shuttered adapter is slightly smaller than the shuttered version.
  • QSFP-DD footprint match
  • 4-channel is SN Uniboot & Gang-clip compatible
  • Telcordia, ANSI, TIA and IEC Compliant
  • Mates SN standard, junior and compact connectors

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