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Quickly clean MPO connectors with one simple push
Many optical communication equipment troubles are caused by dirt on the optical connector end face.
Connector cleaner NEOCLEAN-M for MPO/MTP ® uses ultra-fine fibers developed exclusively for optical connectors to remove even small dirt that is invisible to the naked eye. Please contact us to improve the work efficiency of optical construction and the reliability of communication services.

  • Applicable connector: MPO Connectors, MTP® Connectors
  • Number of cores:  16, 16×2
  • Adaptive end face:  Flat and 8 degree diagonal (suitable for both with / without guide pin)
  • Size (mm), Body: 197L x 15W x 51H,
    when the attachment is attached: 204L x 15W x 51H
  • Cleaning times: 600 times or more


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